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For convenience , speed of service and accuracy we have provided the following forms as printable documents that you may read and sign prior to your pets visit. Our goal is it to reduce your time spent getting checked in, so you can make the most of your day.  Included is an explanation of each form in an effort to answer as many of your questions as we can.


Resort Boarding


Please note:  Towne Square Pet Resort furnishes, free of charge, blankets for boarding pets.  We do not guarantee the return of such personal items, including toys.   Invariably pets will drool, chew up or soil these items, in turn our staff could either enclose it in a garbage bag for several days until you return to allow you to wash it at home, or wash it immediately...  We chose to wash it!!  Once your personal items have been mixed with the hundreds of items from the resort, retrieval can be very difficult and sometimes  impossible.  This is why we do not guarantee their return.

 pdfPet Resort Contract


Hospital Boarding


Surgical Release


Surgery can lead to a lot of anxiety for some owners.  You should expect to have all your questions answered before surgery begins,  we expect you to ask questions.  We make every attempt to make our doctors available to you for this reason.  Pre anesthetic testing allows the doctor to compile information about your pets current health, their ability to handle surgery, recover from anesthetic administration, and heal in a timely manner.  Your doctor will discuss the impact of any abnormalities found.  He may suggest to continue with the procedure, investigate further, or cancel the procedure until the abnormality can be thoroughly addressed.  Knowing the status of your pets health prior to anesthesia allows the doctor to choose the most appropriate anesthesia medications to administer, take necessary precautions, and allow them to be better prepared for any complications that may arise.  No surgeon wants to be caught off guard. In the end...  anesthesia is all about risk level.  How high of a risk is your pet, and what can be done to lower that risk as much as possible.


pdfSurgical Consent Form


Grooming Instructions/ Form


Please note: Communication is Key!!!!  No one wants a bad haircut, not for themselves or their pets.  If you have any questions, concerns or special request  please take the time to talk face to face with one of our grooming professionalsIf you cannot stay, please leave a phone number,  we want to talk with you!!!!  Miscommunications happen very easily, ie.. when the wife, tells the husband (who drops off the pet) who then tells the groomer what kind of cut to provide.  What you have pictured in your mind, what you are verbally describing and what the groomer is picturing in her mind could easily be three different things!!  Providing pictures is always very helpful.  Grooming professionals use an entirely  different language of technical terms to describe different cuts,  if you have any doubts please stop us and we will gladly explain all the ins and outs.  Although a bad haircut will grow out, why get one in the first place!!  Your complete satisfaction  is our goal.  If for any reason you are not satisfied let us know immediately (before leaving) if possible we will fix what we can on the spot! 


 pdfGrooming Form


Euthanasia Consent 


Counseling available... just give us a call. Every single one of our staff is a pet owner and have previously lost  a loved one.  We know the decision to let go, or the loss of a four legged family member is one of the most difficult times for anyone.  We encourage you to talk with us, confide in us your fears and concerns, let us be there to answer your questions.  Being family is not only about sharing joy but about sharing in the lowest of times.  Our doctors and staff have cried with each other, with pets and with clients... that's what makes us family. As your four legged family members grows up, have visited us over the years, as we share in the events of your husband, wife and children and grandchildren ,  we have become family.  At no other time is the presence of family felt, than at the time of losing something special, something valued.  We appreciate the opportunity to let us be a part of your family,  and we welcome the opportunity to support you during these very trying times.  


Feel free to call and speak with our doctors for guidance and counseling.

pdfEuthanasia Form


 Frequently Asked Questions





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